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Why open banking is essential for optimizing the mortgage approval process in Norway

Better risk assessment, faster application process, and enhanced security are just some of the benefits open banking gives mortgage providers. Here’s why open banking is essential for optimizing the mortgage approval process.

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Bank loans for green cars in Denmark increase by 76% and Danes want even more green loan options

As the rise of “green loans” increases in Denmark, experts highlight the importance for banks to have green products in order to be attractive to future customers.

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Swedes are turning to digital lending solutions, here’s how traditional banks can keep their customers

Tech savvy Swedes are choosing digital lenders over traditional banks. Here’s insight into the change in consumer behavior and what traditional banks can do to remain competitive.

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How the lending industry will benefit from Open Finance

Here's what you need to know about the move from Open Banking to Open Finance and the potential benefits for loan providers.

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Danish Government looks at stricter regulation of Buy-Now-Pay-Later products

As BNPL scrutiny increases across Europe, the Danish government will consider amending regulations for providers of buy-now-pay-later products in July 2023.

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Two thirds of Swedes abandon financial service applications. What does this mean for banks & lenders?

Most Swedes don’t complete the onboarding process of financial services applications. Worryingly, this drop-off rate is actually increasing year on year. Here is what this means for banks and lenders in Sweden.

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